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Explanation of Pages
Log In status page
         sub page
  description of page
   not logged in    Login   allows member to login and access member pages
  Families must first register a participant for a sport which will set up a member account.
  Password   allows member to recover lost password by having new password sent via email.
  Register   allows member to register participants for sports.
  Register Coach   allows coaches to register.
   logged in      
  Account Info   displays family information and allows update
          Change Password      allows member to change password
          Participants   displays family's participants
  Make Payments   Allows member to view unpaid registrations and make online payments
         Payments   displays payments for family's registrations
  Registrations    displays family's registrations
         Teams   displays team assignments
  Register   allows member to register participants for sports
         Register Coach   allows family member to register as a coach
  Log Out   allows member to log out
  Coordinators   sub-pages allow coordinators to view, add, and update registrations, payments, families, participants, and teams.
   See Coordinator page for more information.
  Admin   sub-pages allow administrators to view, add, and update coordinators, families, and sports.
   See Admin page for more information.
  Treasurer   sub-pages allow treasurer to view, enter, and update payments.
   See Treasurer page for more information.
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